The Center for World Networking

An Organization that Honors
All Paths to Wholeness
In Acknowledging All Paths
We Recognize Our Common Ground

Many organizations are inspired by love to work for greater health and well-being of individuals and the world.

purpose is to bring these groups and individuals into greater public awareness, as well as to network their efforts and resources together for mutual benefit and world healing.

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Monday August 15 7:30pm
Remembrance: The Body is a Prism for the Soul's Light
with Junayad Moore.

We will gather together for mutual awakening and remembering our true nature as beings of light.  Sharing practices of light, we will enter luminous realms where we experience our soul as a radiant light and our body as a temple where this ray of the One Light is anchored.  Embodying multiple dimensions of light, we will anchor fresh light into our group and the larger collective field on Gaia for the benefit of all beings here and beyond.  Let there be Light!  All are welcome in this interspiritual gathering of remembrance as we unite with the Illuminated Souls shining through this universe and beyond.  $5-15 suggested donation.

Monday August 22 7:30pm
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques
with Kitty Mrache

Join us to learn how to use "Tapping" or EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - to break patterns of trauma and negative thinking.  We'll do a "Group Tapping" where Kitty will lead us in learning the points to tap on and how to create the "Set-up Statement" and the "Reminder Phrases."  $5-15 suggested donation.

Monday September 12 7:30pm
Remembrance: Spread Love throughout the Universe

with Junayad Moore

We gather again for mutual awakening and remembering our true source - LOVE.  Sharing guided meditation practices using breath, visualization, sound and silence, we will experience the continuum of consciousness that is the One in each of us, the One in All, and the All in All.  Joining our loving hearts together, we will spread the Breath of Love through our bodies, the coherent field around each of us, through our group field, the vast Gaian field, and beyond ... consciously spreading love throughout the Universe.  All are welcome to share the love in this interspiritual gathering of remembrance.  $5-15 suggested donation.

Monday September 19 6:30pm
Community Prayer Circle
Join us in prayer to uplift our individual and global thoughts to Divine Mind, as well as listening to any communication which Spirit has to offer.
Co-facilitated by Victoria Downey and Patricia Hurley.

Monday September 19 7:30pm
Networking and Song followed by a
Message from Sri Yukteswar
with question and answer session.


Monday September 26 7:30pm
A Mystical Magical Musical Journey
with Ray Shaffer

Join CFWN webmaster Ray Shaffer for a live YouTube video presentation as he takes us on a semi-improvised performance on keyboards, guitars, percussion and vocals. Each "show" is unique to the moment and Your presence is part of the creation! This show will also include full songs as well as improv. $5-15 suggested donation.