Join us at our new home at Wisdom Center of Santa Cruz

An Organization that Honors
All Paths to Wholeness
In Acknowledging All Paths
We Recognize Our Common Ground

Many organizations are inspired by love to work
for greater health and well-being of individuals
and the world.

purpose is to bring these groups and individuals into greater public awareness, as well as to network their efforts and resources together for mutual benefit and world healing.

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from Sri Yukteswar for yourself or loved one(s)
to be delivered by Valentine’s Day 2018.
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CFWN extends a heartfelt Thank you
to all who supported our Winter Fundraiser for
Hurricane Maria Community Relief and Recovery Fund
in Puerto Rico
including our wonderful membership
and these local businesses:
Trader Joe's in Capitola, Staff of Life Market, and Beckmann's Bakery
with your support we are able to make a difference.
Donations for this hard working non-profit will be accepted through 12/21/17. 
Please note "Puerto Rico" on your donation.