The Center for World Networking

An Organization that Honors
All Paths to Wholeness
In Acknowledging All Paths
We Recognize Our Common Ground

Many organizations are inspired by love to work for greater health and well-being of individuals and the world.

purpose is to bring these groups and individuals into greater public awareness, as well as to network their efforts and resources together for mutual benefit and world healing.



Wednesday December 13th 7:30 pm
Online Fall Class Series:
Walking the Path in a Complicated Life
Class 3 of 3
More info HERE

Tuesday December 26th 9:00 am
Tuesday January 2nd 9:00 am


HeartGrams are a gift of divine love, guidance and blessing from Swami Sri Yukteswar, channeled by Theresa Stolaroff. You or your loved one can receive a personal message in the voice of the Teacher! They will be delivered by Valentine’s Day 2023 via email as an attached MP3 audio file.

Ordering will be in two purchase windows.
The first opens Tuesday Dec. 26th at 9am PST
with a maximum of 2 messages per person.
75 messages are available.
If some remain on Tuesday Jan. 2nd at 9am,
the second ordering window opens
and you may order two more Grams.
Cost is sliding scale $15/20/25 per gram.
Proceeds benefit CFWN.

The Order Link will be available here on that day.
Sorry, no early bird orders.
(Please do not request Grams directly from Theresa
or others in service
as the order may be missed)

Monday January 8th 6:30pm
Community Prayer Circle

Join us in prayer to uplift our individual and global thoughts to Divine Mind, as well as listening to any communication which Spirit has to offer.
Co-facilitated by Victoria Downey and Patricia Hurley.

Monday January 8th 7:30pm
Networking and Song followed by a
Sri Yukteswar’s Message for the Year 2024
Wisdom Center March 2019

After the message, the Q&A form will be activated
for questions specific to tonight’s teaching.
(Personal inquiries for guidance are not accepted tonight.)