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Classes and Retreats Schedule
offered by Theresa Stolaroff*

Contact Theresa to preregister at 831-475-3563 or

Weds., Nov. 14, 28 & Dec. 5, 7:30 pm

Fall Class Series: Self Balance In These Times. (Please note: These are not all consecutive weeks.) Theresa Stolaroff channels the teachers. $15/night or $45/series. Held at Jim & Donna Felich's home, 209 Golf Club Drive, Santa Cruz. Also available as interactive online class. Contact Theresa for online registration & password 48 hours before class at 831-475-3563.


*These classes and retreats are offered as a service by Theresa Stolaroff
and do not generate funds for the Center for World Networking.
We offer this information to promote the teachings of Sri Yukteswar,
who inspired the creation of The Center for World Networking,
a licensed non-profit educational organization.

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