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Submissions we accept:
- Announcements of a community event
 -Announcements for housing
- Announcements for career needs
- Announcements of personal services for hire
- Items for giveaway or donation
- Requests for assistance

Submissions we do not accept:
- Announcements of a political nature or in support of a political organization
- Advertising for business services or products

Other Guidelines
-  Announcements will be posted twice maximum
if requested via a second email.
- Maximum of 200 words per submission (not including pdf attachment)
Please send text only email announcements.
- no .JPG attachments -  .PDF ok.
-JPGs are too large and do not work well with mobile phones
(there are lots of free pdf converters)
Please no preformatted emails. (No HTML)
They are not consistent and are difficult to forward.
Plain text is your best bet!
- Our intention is to post within 48 hours.
- Posts may be edited by us for clarity.

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 Our service area is predominantly for the greater
Santa Cruz, CA community. Announcements representing
events beyond our local area are welcome
and are posted at the discretion of the list moderator.

CFWN reserves the right to assess the appropriateness of any announcement,
as to its alignment with our mission statement and shared positive values.
We will post only those we feel match our mission statement.

Submissions must be brief and submitted in text form following the above guidelines.  PDF flyers may be submitted provided they are accompanied
by a brief text description and will be sent as an attachment.

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