Broadcast starts approximately 7:30pm PST.

This is an audio only broadcast.

Tune in and listen to our Monday night presentations of the
Channeling of Sri Yukteswar by Theresa Stolaroff.  We start with networking followed by singing led by Freesia Raine.
We kindly request a $5 to $15 donation.
Please consider making a donation while listening.

You can ask a question of Guruji by using the form below.  They will be repeated verbally by a representative on a first come, first served basis until Guru says we're done.
Please make your questions clear and concise.
Questions will not be accepted via email.
Thank you!


Current Time in Santa Cruz, CA


Occasionally there are technical difficulties with the broadcast.  If you are connected but hear gaps in the broadcast,
please be patient and the message will start.
If you are unable to connect to the session, please call or text Paul: 831-332-3976 and he will try to assist you.


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